Caseva Product Range

TechAir Tan3711 Laptop Backpack

TechAir TAN3711 Backpack


15.6″ Laptop / With adjustable padded shoulder straps.

TechAir TAN3901V5 rolling briefcase for travel.

TechAir TAN3901 Rolling Briefcase


15.6″ Laptop / Perfect for overnight business trips.

TechAir TANZ0109v3 laptop bag with a dedicated protective compartment.

TechAir TANZ0109 Laptop Bag


17.3″ Laptop / Robust bag with one compartment.

TechAir TANZ0143 bag designed for protection and style.

TechAir TANZ0143 Laptop Bag


17.3″ Laptop / Strong with one compartment and one pocket.

TANZ0713 Techair backpack

TechAir TANZ0713


17.3″ Laptop / Classic with extra protection for your laptop.

Total Security Briefcase. Caseva's high security briefcase, open, showing potentially sensitive documents and valuables. These secure cases provide peace of mind and timeless design.

Total Security Briefcase


Traditional design, with Caseva key locking system.