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Holdall RFID 40L faraday security bag designed for RF shielding blocking incoming and outgoing network signals.

Faraday Holdall RFID – 40 litre


The HS3 40ltr is a large Faraday holdall for comprehensive device security, blocking all RF, GPS, and EMF signals.

Signal blocking Faraday shielding bag. Holdall style, RFID 65L, offering extensive RF protection.

Faraday Holdall RFID – 65 litre


65L Faraday Bag: Spacious & secure, shields devices from RF, GPS, and EMF threats.

Large faraday bag. Holdall style 80L. Protect your devices with signal-blocking technology.

Faraday Holdall RFID – 80 litre


The HS3 80ltr is a large faraday bag for the ultimate capacity & protection against all electronic signals.

faraday rf blocking laptop bag to protect devices

Faraday Laptop Shield (LS1)


Secure up to a 15-inch laptop against RF threats with the Faraday Laptop Shield (LS1).

Faraday Notebook Shield (LS1) offering RF protection for notebooks.

Faraday Notebook Shield (NS1)


Faraday Notebook Shield (NS1): Stylish RF protection for slimline notebooks.

Disklabs PS1 Faraday Phone Shield for RF protection. Faraday phone pouch that can also protect car keys, thwarting relay vehicle theft.

Faraday Phone Shield (PS1) RF Shielding


Disklabs PS1: Advanced RF shielding for your smartphone’s security.

Faraday Tablet Shield (TS1) for optimal tablet RF protection.

Faraday Tablet Shield (TS1) RF Shielding


The Faraday Tablet Shield (TS1): Superior RF protection for your tablet.