About Us

Caseva: Security Excellence Since 1997

Based in the UK, Caseva has been a leading designer and manufacturer of portable security products for over 25 years. Our range includes bespoke security cases and covert containers, each meticulously hand-assembled to exceed the Loss Prevention Standard 1175 Cat 3.

A Tradition of Trust

Starting with secure laptop cases for telecom clients, we’ve expanded to serve government ministries, UK police forces, and businesses in sectors like legal, finance, and luxury goods. We’re renowned for durable products, backed by a 10-year guarantee, and our commitment to evolving excellence.

Perfecting Protection

We’re enhancing our products with new materials and better interior quality. Plus, we’re excited to offer more custom design options.

Our focus is on providing top-quality security products and excellent customer service. We’re here to meet your needs every step of the way.

The Caseva Method: Designing Deterrence

Our security briefcases, crafted in lightweight aluminium alloy, are designed to deter, detect, and delay asset compromise. They meet the CPNI ‘Beyond the Perimeter’ Guidelines and UK government protocols for sensitive material transit. Our innovative design, including a multi-point latch, integrated hinge, and Abloy Protec lock, provides certified security up to Top Secret level, aligning with stringent Loss Prevention Standard requirements.

Unmatched Security Design

Sliding bolt with a multi-point latch
Enclosed hinge with hardened stainless steel pin
Double lap closure seal for enhanced protection
Structural stiffness and no covert access
Tether system locks into the case using an integrated latch
Abloy Protec lock with over 365 million key combinations