Briefcases & Cases

Discover our top-notch Briefcases & Cases that blend elegance, function, and unbeatable security. Professionals across the UK trust our carefully crafted cases. These are more than places to store items; they mix style with strong safety.

Whether you’re a CEO, a lawyer, or a collector, our range meets your unique needs.

The best part? You can customise any briefcase or case. We make each one carefully to keep your items safe. Explore our collection and raise your security standards.

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Open portable vehicle safe. Ideal for total security when transporting valuables in vehicles.

Portable Vehicle Safe


Portable vehicle safe. These highly secure car safes are suitable for large valuables and tech equipment.

Caseva's own Covert Portable Vehicle Safe. A physical security product designed for discreet in-car storage.

Portable Vehicle Safe Covert


Vehicle safe, ideal for tethering into the boot of a vehicle.

Caseva Secure Pilot Case. A large secure case with a classic design and Assa Abloy lock.

Secure Pilot Case


Designed after a traditional pilot case. Suitable for several tablets, documents and valuables, laptops

Caseva Secure Travel Case offering robust protection for small valuables like phones and USB drives.

Secure Travel Case


Our Secure Travel Container offers robust protection for small valuables.

Slimline Security Briefcase with a modern design.

Slimline Security Briefcase


Slim security briefcase with a Caseva internal locking system.

Standard Security Briefcase. Open

Standard Security Briefcase


Traditional, highly secure briefcase with Caseva internal locking system.

TechAir TAN3901V5 rolling briefcase for travel.

TechAir TAN3901 Rolling Briefcase


A rolling briefcase, perfect for overnight business trips if you’re travelling light.