Caseva security cases offer a fortress-like safeguard for your valuables, featuring a sophisticated intrinsic locking system to defy even the most adept intruders. Our design focuses on combining portability with robust protection. With a 10-year guarantee on each new product, Caseva ensures your assets remain secure and in perfect condition.
With Caseva security cases, our customers can protect their assets and valuables which are contained behind an intrinsic locking system.
standard security briefcase. Open and representing protection of sensitive assets.


Experience unparalleled portability with Caseva's line of security containers and cases, your steadfast allies in safeguarding sensitive and valuable items on the move. Engineered for effortless transport without compromising on security, our cases feature robust plastic-coated steel security tethers, ensuring top-tier protection wherever you go. With Caseva, enjoy peace of mind during use, storage, or transit.
Casevas’ security containers and cases offer protection against a huge range of sensitive and valuable assets.
Large faraday bag. Holdall style 80L. Protect your devices with signal-blocking technology.


Caseva is entrusted by the UK's Police Forces, a testament to our commitment to safeguarding sensitive assets and ensuring privacy. Our products are the preferred choice of government entities, security services, and varied sectors, both in the UK and internationally. Choosing Caseva means investing in a legacy of trust and unparalleled security. Experience the peace of mind that comes with our top-tier security cases.
Caseva is the leading specialist for the design and manufacture of portable security solutions.


Pacsafe Vibe 40L Carry-On Backpack with anti-theft features.

Pacsafe Vibe 40L Carry-On Backpack


40L 16″ Laptop / Carry-on with loads of storage space.

Slimline Security Briefcase with a modern design. Secure briefcase built to protect.

Slimline Security Briefcase


Slim briefcase with key lock & tether.

Total Security Briefcase. Caseva's high security briefcase, open, showing potentially sensitive documents and valuables. These secure cases provide peace of mind and timeless design.

Total Security Briefcase


Traditional design, with Caseva key locking system.

Caseva Medium Covert Security Case - Portable security case with Assa Abloy lock, 2 keys, and tether included

Covert Security Case (Medium)


For securely transporting A4 documents, devices, and more.

Large faraday bag. Holdall style 80L. Protect your devices with signal-blocking technology.

Faraday Holdall RFID – 80 litre


80L. Pack all you essentials in this extra large faraday bag.

TANZ0713 Techair backpack

TechAir TANZ0713


17.3″ Laptop / Classic with extra protection for your laptop.

Covert Security Case, Small. Small high security cases. One pictured open, showcasing Caseva's internal locking system. Valuables inside.

Covert Security Case (Small)


With Caseva locking system and discreet design.

Large Covert Security Case. With a robust locking mechanism. A smartphone, hard drive, usb stick, and documents are all securely stored in the highly secure cases.

Covert Security Case (Large)


Discreet and suitable for documents, valuables, laptops.


Caseva specialises in portable security solutions, offering cases with accredited locks and steel tethers to secure valuables to fixed anchor points, deterring theft.
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