Caseva security cases offer a fortress-like safeguard for your valuables, featuring a sophisticated intrinsic locking system to defy even the most adept intruders. Our design focuses on combining portability with robust protection. With a 10-year guarantee on each new product, Caseva ensures your assets remain secure and in perfect condition.
With Caseva security cases, our customers can protect their assets and valuables which are contained behind an intrinsic locking system.
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Standard Security Briefcase. Open


Caseva's range of security containers and cases stand as the ultimate guardians for your sensitive and valuable items. Crafted to prevent theft, loss, and compromise, our security cases are provided with plastic-coated steel security tethers, offering unmatched protection. Whether for use, storage, or transit, Caseva ensures the highest level of security and tranquility for your valued possessions.
Casevas’ security containers and cases offer protection against a huge range of sensitive and valuable assets.
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Large faraday holdall bag


Caseva is entrusted by the UK's Police Forces, a testament to our commitment to safeguarding sensitive assets and ensuring privacy. Our products are the preferred choice of government entities, security services, and varied sectors, both in the UK and internationally. Choosing Caseva means investing in a legacy of trust and unparalleled security. Experience the peace of mind that comes with our top-tier security cases.
Caseva is the leading specialist for the design and manufacture of portable security solutions.
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Open portable vehicle safe. Made by Caseva

Security Products

Caseva security products are designed with security and robustness in mind. Our signature security cases come with accredited locking systems and plastic-coated steel tethers, allowing you to anchor them securely in vehicles or hotel rooms to combat opportunist theft. In addition to our own top-tier cases, we also provide a selection of trusted security products, including backpacks, bags, locks, and signal-blocking cases for devices.
Faraday Holdall RFID 40L bag designed for RF shielding blocking incoming and outgoing network signals.

Faraday Holdall RFID – 40 litre

The HS3 40ltr is a large holdall-style bag that is designed to isolate and transport a large quantity of electronic devices.

security tether - standard length for protecting against opportunistic theft of cases/containers or bags

Security Tether – Standard

Robust security tether with a unique latch, ensuring each case can be attached to a fixed point.

TechAir TANZ0109v3 laptop bag with a dedicated protective compartment.

TechAir TANZ0109 Laptop Bag

A robust laptop bag for your laptop, with one compartment.

Caseva Secure Travel Container offering robust protection for small valuables like phones and USB drives.

Secure Travel Container

Our Secure Travel Container offers robust protection for small valuables.

Caseva total security solutions: Large Covert Security Container. Large security case with a robust locking mechanism. Smartphone, hard drive, usb stick, and documents all securely stored in this high security case.

Covert Security Container (Large)

Larger security case suitable for tablets, documents, valuables, laptops.

Caseva Medium Covert Security Container - Discreet security case with Assa Abloy lock.

Covert Security Container (Medium)

Medium sized, discreet security case suitable for tablets, A4 documents, keys, hard-drives.

TechAir TANZ713 laptop bag. Simple protective backpack with padding.

TechAir TANZ0713

Simple, classic & lightweight, with extra protection for your laptop.

Trusted by the UK's Police Forces, Caseva leads in portable security solutions. Our security cases feature accredited locking systems and include plastic-coated steel security tethers. This enables our customers to secure their portable security cases to a fixed anchor point inside a vehicle or hotel room to combat opportunist theft.

About Caseva

Caseva is a British-owned company specialising in top-tier security solutions. Unlike other brands, we take pride in designing and manufacturing our entire product line right here in the UK. Our offerings extend beyond the conventional, featuring not just secure briefcases but also specialised containers and vehicle safes. Each product meets high specifications and can be customised to your unique security needs.
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Caseva Portable Vehicle Safe. Open, with security tether beside.
Secure PIlot Case Open with two folders securely stored inside the container.

Physical Protection Solutions

Whether you're safeguarding sensitive documents, high-value possessions, or confidential data, Caseva provides comprehensive solutions for physical protection. Our protection extends to assets in use, in storage, and during transit in public spaces. Established in 1997, we've earned the trust of government agencies, security services, and critical infrastructure organisations across the UK. As specialists in the field, we offer adaptable, portable, and discreet security solutions tailored to your unique needs.
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