Top 7 Affordable Security Products in 2018

Top 7 Affordable Security Products for Your Home

When it comes to affordable home security, ‘Fort Knox‘ level protection is now more accessible than ever. Let’s explore the top 7 budget-friendly security products you can use today.

Arlo Q: The Smart Home Security Camera

The Arlo Q: The Smart Home Security Camera offers advanced features in a compact design. With motion alerts, cloud recording, and two-way audio, it’s a robust addition to any smart security services. Priced at £119.49, its 1080p HD night vision ensures no mistaken identities.

1Byone: The Clever Fake TV Simulator

The 1Byone Fake TV Simulator is both smart and simple. It deters burglars by mimicking TV light effects. You can set it to activate at different times, making your home appear occupied. Eco-friendly and priced at £12.99, it’s a guilt-free security solution.

Minder: The Personal Security Alarm

Minder’s personal alarm aims to prevent attacks, especially on vulnerable individuals. Police-certified, it features a separate pin to avoid false alarms. Priced at £7.50, it offers peace of mind for parents and solo travellers.

Genbolt GB 100s: The Advanced WIFI CCTV Camera

Genbolt’s GB 100s camera offers features similar to the Arlo Q but adds remote pan-tilt control via a special app. It also sends motion alerts, making it a strong contender among cam security options. It costs £39.99 but offers higher quality technology.

Philips Hue: The Motion Sensor Alert

Philips Hue: The Motion Sensor Alert motion sensor isn’t just for lighting control. It also alerts you to any movement in your home. It adds a layer of security without looking like a typical security device.

Frostfire Bar: The Dual-Function Affordable Security Bar

The Frostfire Bar: The Dual-Function Security Bar enhances door security with 20-gauge steel. It fits most door frames and even sliding doors. At £22.99, it’s an affordable way to upgrade your home’s hardware security.

BG Outdoor Dummy CCTV: The Imitation Game

This imitation CCTV camera mimics a real one, complete with flashing LED lights. At £6 per camera, it offers the illusion of high-level security on a budget.

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