Lose the Bulk, Lose the Weight: CSC/Small Covert Case

Introducing the Small Covert Case


Covert Security Container, Small. Small security case, open with valuables inside.

Meet Caseva’s CSC/Small, our cutting-edge A5 covert security case that blends style with resilience. Its textured black finish gives it a sleek yet rugged look, perfect for professional settings.

Compact and Versatile

Designed for easy concealment and comfortable portability, the CSC/Small security case protects essential items like tablets, phones, hard drives, passports, keys, and credit cards. It’s also ideal for A5 papers and notebooks.

High-Security Features

The container comes with an accredited high-security lock, two keys, and a steel security tether. It even exceeds the Loss Prevention Standard 1175 Cat 3 benchmarks.

Optional Signal Blocking Pouch

For enhanced cyber protection, you can opt for a signal-blocking pouch. This pouch fits perfectly inside the D30 and shields mobile phones, tablets, and electronic key fobs from GSM, SMS, GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth®, RFID, and NFC signals.


External Dimensions (mm): 268 (w) x 225 (d) x 52 (h)
Internal Dimensions (mm): 260 (w) x 185 (d) x 48 (h)
Weight: 1.2kg

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Tiny security guard made out of lego to signify the lightweight yet secure new compact Caseva covert container.