Caseva supply a wide range of portable security solutions. We have 20 years of security experience dedicated to developing the range to its current standard. These products enable you to DETER the opportunist thief, DENY access to any unauthorised person and DETECT if anyone attempts to gain access.

From portable security briefcases and covert containers to safes and hardware cases – Caseva is your portable security solution provider. Contact us for more information on 01473 784 573.


Our products are durable yet lightweight and easy to use. They have been designed to give you maximum security with our innovative multipoint locking and security tether system. Each product is supplied with high security locks and keys from Abloy, the world’s leading lock provider.


Our products are unique and innovative. Product design is at the core of what we do. We have developed new items through client request and have improved or altered products as new technology has become available. We are constantly developing and innovating, using new materials and technology to improve the range. We also provide bespoke versions for clients, working closely with them to develop products to optimise their security capabilities.


In a world increasingly defined by the power of information, it is essential that your private data remains private. Your paperwork, files, data, tech and personal assets are at risk every day. For twenty years Caseva has been dedicated to protecting your precious data and possessions.

Constant development and working with partners and the finest suppliers means Caseva remains at the forefront of security solutions. Contact us today to see how we can help you and your business.