Caseva products can protect you from opportunist theft and the compromise of all your confidential and sensitive items and devices. One solution for physical and privacy protection.

Consider the risk to you or your business from the compromise, theft or loss of:


  • Keys & Access Passes
  • Valuables, Jewellery & Cash
  • Medication and Drugs
  • Firearms, Tasers & Pyrotechnics
  • Tools & Equipment


  • Smartphones & SatNavs
  • Tablets, Laptops & Toughbooks
  • Hard Drives, Flash Drives & Digital Media
  • Handheld Devices


  • Documents, Files, Folders & Notebooks
  • Customer Data
  • Disaster Recovery Plans
  • Business Continuity Data
  • Plans & Schematics

Caseva portable security products are specially designed to protect these items and provide proven, high security solutions to give you peace of mind.

  • Proven, lightweight and durable solutions
  • Innovative design with unique security features
  • Accredited high security locks and 2 keys
  • Supplied with removable plastic coated steel security tether
  • Discreet and secure protection in use, in storage and in transit
  • Combat opportunist theft and forced attack
  • Unrivalled portable protection to combat compromise, loss or theft