Security Tethers

Security Tethers, built for top-notch safety. They’re great for anyone in the UK who wants to keep things secure, from businesses to collectors. These tethers work well for showing collectibles or protecting items in busy places. Made with tough, plastic-coated steel, they’re all about keeping your stuff safe. Choose your perfect size.

All our aluminium cases come with a security tether already. Got questions? We’re here to help.

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Long Security Tether. Tough and secure for securing valuables to a static object or fixed point.

Security Tether – Long


This tough tether locks securely into each case using a unique integrated latch.

security tether - standard length for protecting against opportunistic theft of cases/containers or bags

Security Tether – Standard


Robust security tether with a unique latch, ensuring each case can be attached to a fixed point.