6. Arlo Q -

Smart Home Security Camera

The Arlo Q is one of many new home security devices that you can find on the market today. As technology develops and advances, it becomes increasingly harder for career criminals to even spot security devices, especially ones of this size. The Arlo Q’s modern look wouldn’t go a miss in a Sci-Fi movie, but its looks are backed up by its features, which seem to cover all angles. Motion alerts, cloud recording, two-way audio to shout at any potential wood be thief’s and not forgetting a pure 1080p HD night vision camera to eliminate and mistaken identity. This product may not be the cheapest at £119.49, but it will definitely give any owner that extra piece of mind, especially when on holiday or away.

5. 1Byone -

Fake Tv simulator

This is one of my favorite products on our list today. The 1byone Fake TV simulator is as clever as it is simple. Never mind if the whole neighborhood thinks you are addicted to re runs of the great British bake off, if it means you aren’t even considered a target, I think most people would accept the trade-off. This product allows the user to set the simulator to come on at different times throughout the day, which helps add to the illusion of someone being home. The TV simulator has a multitude of settings and light effects to simulate a varied selection of what could be on TV.

The fake TV simulator can be found in several different formats, and for around £12.99 it’s a must have if leaving your home for an extended amount of time. With its eco-friendly bulbs it’s also guilt free electrical dream.

4. Minder -

Personal Security Alarm

The next product on our list is a personal security alarm, aimed to prevent personal attacks on people and vulnerable people especially. The police certification really helps add weight to this product and can help add that extra bit of self-confidence when out and about. Many personal alarms revolve around having the key ring as the pin, this can cause unnecessary alarms sometimes causing alarm and upset. This specific product has created a separate pin to avoid any issues such as this. These discreet alarms really do offer peace of mind for parents and individuals travelling alone, and allow for some level of independence and freedom in situations that otherwise may be deemed unsafe, and at around £7.50 you can’t go wrong.

3. Genbolt GB 100s -


This is the second security camera on our list, and it essentially boasts everything that the Arlo Q camera features. This camera allows users access to a specially developed app which offers remote pan tilt control, two-way talk and obviously video record. This product also offers a notification service which tells users if any motion has been detected in and around your property. If you are looking for that bit extra from your security camera then this product is more efficient, and at a slightly costlier £39.99 you know he technology you are receiving is higher quality and longer lasting.

2. Philips Hue -

Motion sensor alert

The first easily established brand we see it at number 6 on our list. And it’s not a camera. The Philips Hue intelligent motion sensor is relatively self-explanatory. This device alerts you to any motion detected either outside or inside your home. All you do is place the sensor or sensors at desired locations around your dwelling, with the app allowing you to control light levels for different points in the day. Now this product may not be your typical security item, as its main feature is to control lighting within your home. But with its motion sensor technology and the sheer fact that it does not have the look or feel of a security product, this is a big positive for any savvy criminals who are on the lookout for security devices. So, at £34.99 this motion sensor offers a small level of security with the added bonus of being able to control lighting in your own home without having to get up.

2. Frostfire Bar -

Dual Function Security bar

This is the only product on are list that acts as an actual hardware product. Most doors and lock systems these days are up to a good enough level that most thieves wouldn’t even bother. But in some cases, you may want to bring your old building or house into the modern area in terms of security. This security bar works so that it will fit Most door frames and even sliding doors, which otherwise can be easily targeted. The security bar boasts 20 gauge steel and pivoting ball joint to ensure tight contact with any door being used. The frostfire bar costs £15.99, and at that price is very good value for money.

1 BG Outdoor Dummy CCTV -

Imitation CCTV Camera

This is, but this time its an extremely limited camera, it boasts zero features compared to the previous cameras we listed, but still remains ingenious and potentially better value for money. This dummy camera has all the feel of a real camera and really sells itself well as a fully functioning camera, flashing LED lights complete the illusion, removing any doubt a criminal could have. Dummy products within security are a gamble, sometimes its worth spending more money for the real thing. But if you find yourself on a budget and having to cover a large area for security purposes, then a product like this could be perfect for you. Especially for £6 per camera, you can now have the effect of Fort Knox for very little cost.