Fort Knox Security: Rival Locations

The Top 7 Most Secure Places on Earth

When it comes to impenetrable fortresses, nothing quite matches the legendary ‘Fort Knox security’. But Fort Knox isn’t the only place on Earth where breaking in is next to impossible. Let’s delve into the top 7 most secure locations worldwide.

Cheyenne Mountain Complex: The Underground Fortress

Located in Colorado, the Cheyenne Mountain Complex serves as a US military and nuclear bunker. Operational since April 1966, it plays a crucial role in the Department of Defense. The complex monitors airspace over Canada and the US through a network of missiles and detection systems.

Built 610 metres below granite, the complex spans 5 acres and houses fifteen three-story buildings. A system of 1000 giant springs protects these structures from earthquakes and explosions. Additionally, a two-tonne blast door enhances its security.

Granite Mountain Records Vault: A Rock-Solid Repository

Nestled in Utah’s Wasatch range, the Granite Mountain Records Vault is owned by the LDS Church. It serves as a long-term storage facility for genealogical records, stored in 2.4 million rolls of microfilm. Its main security feature? Its remote and cold location, 30 metres inside a mountain.

Svalbard Global Seed Vault: Humanity’s Backup

Built in 2008 in remote Spitsbergen, Norway, the Svalbard Global Seed Vault safeguards nearly 1 million varieties of seeds. Its robust security systems include special foil packets for seeds and no permanent staff on site, making it a fortress against natural disasters.

Federal Reserve Bank of New York: Gold Galore

Situated in New York, this Federal Reserve Bank houses the world’s largest gold repository. A 90-ton steel cylinder guards the vault entrance, reinforced by a multi-layered security system that includes 24-hour surveillance and motion sensors.

Vatican Secret Archives: Holy Security

Owned by the Pope, the Vatican Secret Archives underwent extensive renovations to upgrade its security. Now, it features climate-controlled rooms, computer chips in books, and state-of-the-art theft prevention measures.

The White House: Presidential Protection

Despite past security lapses, the White House employs an extensive security setup. The Secret Service, Homeland Security, and a range of high-tech systems work in tandem to protect the President and the premises.

Fort Knox: The Gold Standard in Security

Fort Knox sets the benchmark for security. Located in Kentucky, USA, its vault is a fortress with 20-ton blast-proof doors and multiple layers of security. Guarded by the US Mint Police and the Army, it’s a symbol of impenetrable security.

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